As a full-service house responding to the cutting edge technologies of the new millenium, we provide advanced publishing services. Our typesetting quality has won many laurels from various clients and we typeset based on the necessities and requirements. We are glad to have dedicated teams for PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Frame Maker, Equation editor, athType, Tex / Latex, and CorelDraw. Our production process have been designed and optimized to provide multiple output forms from input data through a single workflow, thus maintaining the integrity of data. Along with setting up new benchmarks in the field of Typesetting.


Publishers across the globe face the challenge of bringing out the books on time to the market, and we understand the importance of having the books published as per client’s requirements. Educational publishing has stringent demands on quality and turn around projects. We have succeeded in our effort to effect deliveries on time with high quality. Efficient production processes, automating workflows and enhancement in systems and processes are constantly looked into to provide customers best-in-class services, in a cost effective way.


Being in the publishing industry since a long time, we have leveraged our strengths from traditional form of publishing to e-publishing. E-Publishing involves Transformation of typeset pages into multiple electronic formats, e-Books, OeB (Open e-Book), Adobe e-Book Optimized PDF, Microsoft Reader, and Palm OS files with SVG images and embedded metadata. We have a team who have enabled themselves to compile pages that include text, images, photos, sounds, animations and movies into a portable, compact and attractive e-Book.


We provide time critical data processing solutions both online & offline through a strong team of highly qualified software programmers & analysts who are actively involved in providing support functions for the data processing team. We use industry standard image processing software while undertaking cropping & resizing of images in various formats viz. tiff, jpeg etc. By using such software we help reduce the file size of the images & subsequently reduce the transmission time for time critical projects involving high volume data processing.

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