SGS was incorporated with the specific mission to provide high-quality Publishing Services in Print publishing and Web publishing as well. We deliver publishing services to our clients on InDesign, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Illustrator and FrameMaker.

SGS Services

Smart content, smart technology, and smart people to put it all together. We offer print-ready solutions for multiple verticals. These include Prepress Services like
  • TypeSetting
  • Multilingual TypeSetting
  • Designing
  • Data processing
  • Data entry
  • E-publishing and Publishing Services.
Core Team

Our Experts

The success of our Publishing and Data Management is a result of our carefull Project Management. At SGS, we have adopted cross-functional team that works together to optimize each phase of your project.


Our Portfolio

To enable you to stand out in this tough market, it’s important to make yourwork most impressive. We have extensive experience in working with your Authors, Publishers, artists, designers, photographers and organisations in areas of creative media.

Our popular services

DTP & Typesetting

As a full-service house responding to the cutting edge needs of the new millenium, we provide advanced publishing services.


Designing or creating a compelling sales copy, marketing brochure or product manual,graphic design does more than just appeal to the reader.


We provide time critical data processing solutions both online offline with the help of a strong team.


Being in the publishing industry for a long time, we have leveraged our strengths from traditional form of publishing to e-publishing.

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Businesses worldwide are swiftly all available types of conversion services from Sidvin Global Services excellence, timeliness and cost-effectiveness, meet your expectations with perfection.

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“The people at Sidvin are among the friendliest and accommodating folks I have ever met. If you need a prepress job done, I highly recommend contacting them to bid”.
“Since our first contact, (we) have been very impressed. Finding a company that is committed to Quality, Service and Great pricing is a rare occurrence these days... “.
“We have always found them to be very efficient and quick and they always produce a quality product for us"
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